A quickie:-)

A friend of mine posted this meme to Facebook recently. Honestly, when I first saw it, I fell for it too. I reminisced about the days of my youth, outside playing with friends, getting filthy at a local pond, forgetting what time it was, laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I saw the picture on  the right and felt sorry for kids today; that they are not getting to experience the fun that we did when we were young….and I drifted off into nostalgialand…

When I came back to the real world, I wondered if the the kids on the right could be having a better experience than the ones on the left; that smartphones and social media are enhancing their experience. What if the kids on the right were geolocating the closest, safest river. The taller kid is texting her parents to tell them that she is safe, with friends. The girl with the glasses is Whatsapping other friends to invite them to the river, the other kid is ordering an Uber to bring them to the river or checking the bus timetable. While they are waiting for their bus, they Google interesting facts about the river and its surrounds, they Snap about how much fun they are about to have and they order food for a river picnic. On the bus ride to the river, the girls tweet about the importance of fresh (riverbank) air.

Who’s to say that when the girls get home that one of them didn’t post to her blog about the importance of rivers to our ecosystem or…..fish.

My childhood was deprived…Why didn’t we have smartphones & social media when I was young??


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